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Church of the Living Comic @ Vox Populi

churchcomic-450Phinkwell’s Steve Teare is one of the curators of the Church of the Living Comic, a live reading of comics by eight Philadelphia cartoonists, aided by digital projection. The event is Saturday, November 16th, at 8:00, at the Vox Populi gallery in Philadelphia. Steve will be reading a recent selection of BACK AND FORTH pages and I’ll be reading WE THREE GHOSTS in its entirety. The other cartoonists are Bob Pistilli, Kelly Phillips, Alli Katz, Scott Johnston, Corey Bechelli, and Coffeebot. It’ll be a spectacle all right. Come on out!

Church of the Living Comic
Vox Populi (in the AUX performance space)
319 n. 11th st., 3rd floor
(2 blocks north of the Vine street Expressway)
Philadelphia PA  19107
$5 suggested donation

You can find out more here, here and here.



New – New – New!


New – New – New!


Three new additions to the PHINKWELL line.




MY OWN PETARD: Christmas story ends


The MY OWN PETARD Christmas story that I’ve been working on, “We Three Ghosts,” finally wrapped up. You can read the whole thing from the beginning right here.


Lance Hansen’s new strip, FALLING SCALES, begins today.
Lloyd Wembly is thirty years old and is starting to realize he doesn’t have as many opportunities as he used to. The scales are falling from his eyes and it sucks.

New Christmas story in MY OWN PETARD


“We Three Ghosts: A Ghost Joint Christmas Carol,” a new 30 page MY OWN PETARD story, begins today.

Chronically depressed stoner Chadley Fowler is visited on Christmas Eve by three ghosts for some Yuletide horror. Same tune – different words, dude!

The story runs 30 pages, posted Monday and Wednesday through February.

BACK AND FORTH hits 100!


Steve posted the 100th page of BACK AND FORTH today!

The strip‚Äôs special guest is Dale’s grown son heading off to college. How time do fly!

PHINKWELL Posts 400th Strip

imagePHINKWELL posted its 400th page of comics today!

PHINKWELL @ Locust Moon Comics Festival – Yup

We were there…I think.

HENRY is Back!

HENRY is back today!

I had been putting off harvesting the final dozen HENRY cartoons from bound copies of the SATURDAY EVENING POST circa 1934. Last week I finally did it. I have them in hand now. I cleaned them up a bit and posted them.

They’ll appear every Friday, uninterrupted, until late December.

SKY HIGH is back


Tommy’s SKY HIGH is back today!

The bear and pika gotta eat so it’s off to the employment office in “Labor Days.”

New strips will appear every Thursday, uninterrupted, until the end of January.