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What’s New?


Lance Hansen’s new strip, FALLING SCALES, begins today.
Lloyd Wembly is thirty years old and is starting to realize he doesn’t have as many opportunities as he used to. The scales are falling from his eyes and it sucks.

New Christmas story in MY OWN PETARD


“We Three Ghosts: A Ghost Joint Christmas Carol,” a new 30 page MY OWN PETARD story, begins today.

Chronically depressed stoner Chadley Fowler is visited on Christmas Eve by three ghosts for some Yuletide horror. Same tune – different words, dude!

The story runs 30 pages, posted Monday and Wednesday through February.

BACK AND FORTH hits 100!


Steve posted the 100th page of BACK AND FORTH today!

The strip‚Äôs special guest is Dale’s grown son heading off to college. How time do fly!

PHINKWELL Posts 400th Strip

imagePHINKWELL posted its 400th page of comics today!

PHINKWELL @ Locust Moon Comics Festival – Yup

We were there…I think.

HENRY is Back!

HENRY is back today!

I had been putting off harvesting the final dozen HENRY cartoons from bound copies of the SATURDAY EVENING POST circa 1934. Last week I finally did it. I have them in hand now. I cleaned them up a bit and posted them.

They’ll appear every Friday, uninterrupted, until late December.

SKY HIGH is back


Tommy’s SKY HIGH is back today!

The bear and pika gotta eat so it’s off to the employment office in “Labor Days.”

New strips will appear every Thursday, uninterrupted, until the end of January.

PHINKWELL @ Locust Moon Comics Festival

PHINKWELL and KETTLEDRUMMER BOOKS are going to be at the LOCUST MOON COMICS FEST this coming Saturday, October 5th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We will be at table S-51 at the Rotunda in the University City section of West Philadelphia. See you there!


Lance Hansen’s PYGMALION is back today.

Two previously unseen color PYGMALION stories will appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “Art-Official Intelligence,” or: “Everybody’s a Critic” in October and “By George, I Think She’s Granite” in November.

PHINKWELL since April

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

- Rob’t Frost

What have we all been up to since I last checked in April 1st? It’s all right here. Needless to say, our already meager output slowed to a trickle in the intervening months.

We did produce two comic books (BACK & FORTH Book 2 and THE NIXON MUSEUM – MY OWN PETARD Book 2) as well as three mini comics that premiered at SPX 2013 in Bethesda MD. You can see more of them here.

HENRY presented five cartoons in April. in his usual “Henry” fashion he protects a native american, puts his own spin on the William Tell bit, two-words: “genital splinters,” and finally, he gets cone envy after checking out a cheerleader’s. Then HENRY went on a five month hiatus beginning in May. Summer vacation with extra bumpers. I had emptied my vintage HENRY vault and needed to replenish my inventory. I recently made that desperately needed trip to the library to photocopy the last twelve cartoons. They’re scanned in and all ready to go, so HENRY‘ll be starting back again on Friday, October 4 and run, one strip every Friday, until the end of December. Ho Ho Ho.

Tommy’s SKY HIGH was and continues to be on hiatus. Tommy just finished a 16 page SKY HIGH mini comic for SPX 2013 called “Labor Days.” Those strips will be starting up, right here, very shortly.

Steve posted six BACK AND FORTH pages over the summer. We zoom ahead two weeks after the big car smooch as Dale manages to finally get some stank on his hang-low when Jennifer ultimately succumbs to his dubious charms. After they compare scorecards, we’re shot back 12 years to weird dream featuring a faceless homunculus and a two-headeded porcine abomination. Steve also produced B&F Book 2 that premiered at SPX 2013. You can see more of that here, by the way.

My own attentions and energies were occupied with a constant stream of new MY OWN PETARD strips. “The Nixon Museum” took an inexplicable 7 page bathroom break intermission with Miss Emmy and her pupils in April and May. A long discussion about swaddlers violently erupts causing everyone to reflect and meditate on the avoidance of an unpleasant deity. The story resumes with me again in late May, when I insult a pregnant couple, complete strangers, on the street. I then arrive back home in June, where I am greeted by my tuxedo cat who gives me a special gift. My wife then makes a guest appearance in the strip’s 100th installment in July, where she delivers the long awaited punch-line. The next strip, a heavenly denouement, be the livin’ end, baby.

With “The Nixon Museum” ending a new Ant Pini story, “Growth,” premiered in mid July. Ant unfortunately encounters his old babysitter, Liz Abernathy on a busy city street. The mention of a fan spurs his memory of the preceding summer, a million miles away from where his is now. Liz finally smells the coffee but she still just won’t shut up. The sequel story, featuring Ant and his cousin Elda Pucci, eaten’ soup an’ talkin’ dirt about Liz Abernathy, will start up real soon.

I produced the second MY OWN PETARD comic, the collected “Nixon Museum,” and also made a 16 page mini comic of “Growth” over the summer. Both premiered at SPX 2013 and will also be on sale at the Locust Moon Comics Fest here in Philadelphia.

That’s all the news there is. The historical burden is off my shoulders at last (and on you).


Quote of the Month:
This is the way things will go forward without the burden of history.

- A.B. Crabtree