Welcome to BACK & FORTH

Greetings, ladies and gents. I’m Steve Teare, and I welcome you to my webcomic “Back and Forth.”

I started drawing and writing “Back and Forth” in December of 2009, reusing characters I had in a six page story published by Always Comix called “Peppers.”

Uggh, I hate looking back at that story. I didn’t really know how to properly do lettering or scan a comic page…but it was fun to make and it got me hooked on the comic-drawing bug.

I wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen to this long-faced character with poor posture named “Dale” when I set out to begin regularly inking pages. The title “Back and Forth” swam in my head, but I didn’t know what it was actually referring to. As the stories and scenes of Dale’s life began began developing in my mind, I realized I wanted to literally jump back and forth in his life. Eureka! A collection of vignettes five, ten, maybe even twenty years apart in an attempt to get a scattered portrait of this individual.

I’m a full time high school art teacher involved in a healthy variety of Philadelphia activities, so I apologize if I slack on my personal quota of at least a page a week. But check back often, leave comments, leave suggestions, or simply leave any thought that pops up while spying on the life and times of Mr. Dale Strainard.

Thank you.