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B & F – Book 3


New – New – New!

Book One Printed

We’ll be premiering the first issues of our respective books at the LOCUST MOON FESTIVAL in West Philadelphia tomorrow. Here’s some shots of Back and Forth:

Life after 50…

I’ve finally drawn my first fifty-plus pages of a continuing comic story. Feels like a pretty decent accomplishment…if I don’t think about how much time has passed since I drew the first page. Almost a year and a half stretched over the duration of the fifty drawings. The biggest challenge of any cartoonist is realizing how many hours they need to devote to their craft to cover even smaller ground. Working a full time job, attempting to be involved in local paintings shows, playing and recording music, and my social life in general has slowed the pace of my comic page build-up. The other obvious issue with too much time passing between pages is how my style begins to shift. Take a look at the first page…now take a look at the 50th or beyond. See what I mean? Ah well, so it goes…

I’m still excited to keep on keepin’ on with this character and this wacky jumbled storyline.

Here’s a 2008 sketch of the first looks of Dale and his buddy Bryan. Dale didn’t have his giraffe-like neck he seems to have these days…

Welcome to BACK & FORTH

Greetings, ladies and gents. I’m Steve Teare, and I welcome you to my webcomic “Back and Forth.”

I started drawing and writing “Back and Forth” in December of 2009, reusing characters I had in a six page story published by Always Comix called “Peppers.”

Uggh, I hate looking back at that story. I didn’t really know how to properly do lettering or scan a comic page…but it was fun to make and it got me hooked on the comic-drawing bug.

I wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen to this long-faced character with poor posture named “Dale” when I set out to begin regularly inking pages. The title “Back and Forth” swam in my head, but I didn’t know what it was actually referring to. As the stories and scenes of Dale’s life began began developing in my mind, I realized I wanted to literally jump back and forth in his life. Eureka! A collection of vignettes five, ten, maybe even twenty years apart in an attempt to get a scattered portrait of this individual.

I’m a full time high school art teacher involved in a healthy variety of Philadelphia activities, so I apologize if I slack on my personal quota of at least a page a week. But check back often, leave comments, leave suggestions, or simply leave any thought that pops up while spying on the life and times of Mr. Dale Strainard.

Thank you.