Two New Comics Premiere

We have two new strips premiering this week at PHINKWELL. Actually, one is brand new, the other is 80 years old.

The 80 year old one is Carl Anderson‘s classic cartoon, HENRY featuring the silent and bald title character. We’re presenting here the first several years of the character when he appeared in panel cartoons in the pages of the Saturday Evening Post. The cartoon began in April of 1932 and ran until December of 1934 for a total of 120 cartoons. HENRY was very popular in its day and was soon picked up by William Randolph Hearst to appear in the Hearst newspapers, first as a daily, with Sunday added shortly thereafter. It was ultimately syndicated by King Features where it became very successful and was published around the world. I believe this is the first time since 1935, that most, if not all, of these comics have been seen. HENRY will be presented in the chronological order that the cartoon was originally published and will appear here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The brand new strip is DEE’S DREAM by Dre Grigoropol. DEE’S DREAM is the story of the titular heroine, Dee, and the band she plays in, Dee’s Dream. Dre is currently one of the organizers of the PHILLY COMIX JAM and her comics have appeared in both issues of the Dirty Diamonds anthology. You can find out more about Dre at her blog. DEE’S DREAM will appear Tuesdays and Thursdays.