This past month PHINKWELL presented 26 new strips.

MY OWN PETARD continues the story of Ant Pini and Scutt as they are joined by Elda Pucci. She has a new comics zine that documents her latest art project. A new star is born!

In Tommy’s SKY HIGH, the bear’s explosive plan backfires, but, as a result, he may have a friend he never knew he had.

Steve’s BACK AND FORTH begins this month with an uncomfortable reunion over a cup of coffee and ends with a fifteen year jump backward to Dale’s bellicose childhood.

HENRY begins to be Henry with the beginnings of his Henryesque antics in the pages of the Saturday Evening Post in the Spring of 1932.

Dre’s DEE’S DREAM strip began it’s first story with its titular heroine kneeling before the porcelain god as she recalls the day, many years ago, when she was a hurling flower.

Regretfully, Cyn Why’s POSEABLE THUMBS will no longer be appearing on PHINKWELL as of May 11.