This past month PHINKWELL presented 33 new strips.

MY OWN PETARD is on hiatus. I’ve been getting a lot of work done on HENRY and tying up some loose ends on PHINKWELL.

Tommy’s SKY HIGH, begins with the pika about to call the Special Victims Unit on the bear. They then try to find the girl of the bear’s dreams. Spotting her, the bear follows her into a cave. Paging Doctor Freud.

Steve’s BACK AND FORTH, starts with some uber kinetic skate board slippage and continues with Dale having a hand wringing conversation with his childhood chum. Finally, there is a beautiful changing p.o.v. sequence culminating with the appearance of a giant who blots out the sun.

Carl Anderson’s classic, HENRY, continues his earliest cartoons from the Saturday Evening Post. This months strips are from July 1932 through January 1933. There are several multi-panel strips of note (1 2 3) as well as some particularly nice ink wash cartoons (1 2 3).

Dre’s DEE’S DREAM concluded the first story with the band’s performance eliciting something other than applause. Regretfully, DEE’S DREAM will no longer appear on PHINKWELL as of June 12. You can continue to follow Dre on her blog.