This past month PHINKWELL presented 34 new strips.

In Tommy’s SKY HIGH, at the end of a long tiring day, the bear questions his sanity and the pika questions how many pellets he has left.

In this month’s PYGMALION story, Lance presented “The Muse Blues.” The artist is (un)fortunately on a dating merry-go-round. He begins to become frayed around the edges until even his materials seem to conspire against him.

This month in Steve’s BACK AND FORTH, Dale has a horrific dream and wakes up to the hard reality of life 33 years later, his old friend Bryan tries to talk some sense into Dale’s thick skull then it’s off to the bar.

This month the entrepreneurial HENRY opens a Beauty Shop for children in the African-American community with questionable consequences, wisely rejects a job offer from the business end of a cleaver, knows how to get cool and stay cool in the hot stinkin’ summer and lastly, engages in an act of double penetration with his African-American friend that is mutually satisfying for all parties involved. Whew! What a schwingin’ month for the big “H.”

My own, MY OWN PETARD, has returned with the first few pages of a new story. Jim O’Toole is interested in fixing up an old bar in a story called, “Good is as Bad as Pussy Gets,” which is, in fact, about a cat.