This past month PHINKWELL presented 29 new strips.

This month in Tommy’s SKY HIGH, the pika worries that by fraternizing with the bear for so long he may have gone over to the dark side. Later, the bear’s melancholy may be infectious (so don’t get too close).

When he attempts a female bust in clay, the artist puts perhaps a little too much of himself into the process and comes out the loser (as he always does, natch’!). In Lance’s PYGMALION story, “Amour (Face)” this month.

HENRY has reduced the number of strips per month from the previous three per week to two per week. This month the ubiquitous bald urchin gets into a squatting rights disagreement with a kangaroo, opens a lucrative sport fishing farm, attempts a John Cage performance art piece and finally, is a greedy fiend when it comes to watermelon. Very uncool Henry!

After a sudsy montage, Steve’s BACK AND FORTH continues the adventures of middle-age Dale as he gets into a disagreement that ultimately results in fisticuffs. Then Bryan adds his powerful “voice” to the discussion.”

In MY OWN PETARD by me, Jim has some big ideas about bringing the old neighborhood bar into the 21st century but his wife, Meg, would like to express her views on the topic. At that point fate comes in pulling a little wagon with a bucket in it. This month I also finished an 11 page story for the upcoming SECRET PRISON #7, the “Tribute to GARO Manga” Issue. It’s about how the noted manga artist Yoshiharu Tsuge came to produce stories for the magazine in 1965. SP7 will premiere at SPX 2012 in mid September. You can read a three page excerpt here.