PHINKWELL in September

This past month PHINKWELL presented 18 new strips.

In Tommy’s SKY HIGH, the bear and the pika prepare to set out on a long journey. Then slowly . . . but suddenly, from out of the fog shrouded perilous mountain pass, a provocative figure emerges from stage right.

Following a drunken brawl, propagated by himself, Dale is brought home by his good friend, Bryan, in Steve’s BACK AND FORTH. After a night of restless sleep, Dale is rudely awakened by his ex-wife and child in a visit punctuated by an enormous eruption, much to his relief and his wife’s chagrin.

The highlights of HENRY include the titular star getting off dry humping a grown man’s leg, as a partner in a freakish, racial bending, sideshow exhibition and finally, as a neo-colonialist bastard. It’s never a dull month.

Finally, the story, “Good is as Bad as Pussy gets,” continues in my own, PETARD (following a brief interruption while I finished an 11 page story for SECRET PRISON). We finally get a good look at the mysterious cat who entered the bar hitched to a cart containing a bucket. Just how old is that cat anyway? Who own it? And what’s the whole story behind it? Huh, What?

Lance’s PYGMALION finished it’s run of three stories in August. Look for a new series by Lance before the end of the year.