PHINKWELL in October

This past month PHINKWELL presented 18 new strips.

In Tommy’s SKY HIGH, the bear and the pika meet up with a little person who in turn leads them both to his home and family.

Steve’s BACK AND FORTH presents Dale having one of “those conversations” with his ex-wife. They exchange several “looks,” until the tête-à-tête is unceremoniously brought to an end with the explosive punctuation of puke. What follows is another spectacular transitional montage.

In Carl Anderson’s HENRY this month, Henry finds a new way to target practice in the utmost comfort, shows his new pet pole-cat to everybody, sticks it to the plutocracy, loves donuts (I mean loves donuts!) and finally, wants to find out if if darker berries really do have the sweetest juice.

Well, after a few more pages of the “Good is as Bad as Pussy Gets” story, I pull the plug on it and start a new MY OWN PETARD story, “Schadenfreude for Kurt Dortmund.” This time, I enter the strip myself and take a trip to the Richard M. Nixon Museum. Its full of paintings and statuary commemorating different points of the secret life of the disgraced 37th President of the Yooo-nited States.

Lance’s PYGMALION finished it’s run of three stories in August. Look for a new series by Lance before the end of the year.