PHINKWELL in November

This past month PHINKWELL presented 21 new strips.

In Steve’s, BACK AND FORTH, the action suddenly jumps to a snowy day twenty-three years earlier, where, inside a small house, two girls in stocking feet, bark, gulp wine and larf their heads off.

Over in SKY HIGH, Tommy kicks into high production gear as the bear and pika are invited, by the Roswells, to stay the night at their cabin. Regrettably, coprophagia ensues. Then, just before bedtime, the bear inexplicably sees a tiny naked lady in his glass of water (we should all be so lucky – in fact I am!), before heading off to a giant room behind a tiny door.

HENRY is up to a whole lot more of whatever it is he does, this past month. With highlights being: his indulgence at a feline trough, another flea brained get rich quick stunt, and finally impressing an impressionable young girl with the size and power of his gun.

In MY OWN PETARD, I continue my visit to the Richard M. Nixon Muesum. After walking through the “Hall of Quotations,” I begin to feel I’ve had my fill of Dick. I stop off at the gift shop. Then, just as I’m about to grab my coat and head out, I think I spot my old gradeschool frenemy, Kurt Dortmund. Ugh! Regretably, I take another leave of absence from PETARD to attend to PHINKWELL related stuff (see below). Be back mid December.

Big PHINKWELL happenings in December. We will premiere our first four published comics at the LOCUST MOON COMICS FEST on Sunday December 16th here in Philadelphia. We will also be posting our 300th page of comics!

“We had a dim premonition that power-mad gangsters would one day use art itself as a way of deadening men’s minds.”
- Hans Arp – DADALAND (1948)