PHINKWELL in December

This past month PHINKWELL presented 16 new strips.

Steve’s BACK AND FORTH continues the delirious euphoria of two uninhibitedly imbibing young women. The bacchanalia takes a horrendous downward turn when the name, “Harrison,” is invoked. As the old song goes: “Harrison was made of soap (sometimes) and he makes the young girls cry.”

In Tommy’s SKY HIGH, the eagerly awaited conclusion to the Roswell saga builds to an action packed climax as the bear and the pika engage an angry animated suit of armor. Fortunately, a lithe nude woman comes to their rescue. We should all be so lucky!

In Carl Anderson’s HENRY this month, Henry wants to smell sweet and pretty, bamboozles the feebleminded into doing his bidding, bridges misfortune and self interested exploitation, and finally, goes douche fishing and lands a big one. Beginning January 4, HENRY will be posted once per week, on Fridays.

“Schadenfreude for Kurt Dortmund,” continues in MY OWN PETARD (following a month long hiatus) Still in the Richard M. Nixon museum, I reflect on the emphatic loves of the young Dortmund with scorn, derision and sauerkraut.

We premiered our first four published comics, in December, at the LOCUST MOON COMICS FEST on Sunday December 16th here in Philadelphia. There’s no lookin’ back now!

Seclusion may be better for the scientist and philosopher, but the cartoonist needs to rub elbows with his fellows and observe humanity intimately.
- Winsor McCay, 1924