PHINKWELL in January

This past month PHINKWELL presented 13 new strips.

In Steve’s BACK AND FORTH, an emotional Jen finds herself on the wrong side of a “things are changing” speech that she herself is giving, before receiving an unpredicted horizontal snowbath upon her goodbye. Then it’s “shock and awe” vs. “pure dunderheadedness” as a dry towel is offered in lieu of the white flag.

Meanwhile, HENRY by the very late Carl Anderson, presents outrage upon outrage as our titular hero tries “sweet talk” to seduce a watermelon away from baby girl, then, is unsurprisingly unmoved by a portly woman’s hollow tears. Later he blithely aids in the abject corruption of an heir apparent to the plutocracy. Finally, he applies a much needed touch of seasoning just prior to taking a bite out of an irate ostrich’s ass. Ouch!

My adventures in “The Nixon Museum,” continue in MY OWN PETARD with my reminiscence of the ill-fated Presidential Election of 1968. I was persecuted by my peers and punished by authority for my support of a controversial candidate. Then I plan and execute a clever escape to flee the museum undetected by the reviled Dortmund. I then reflect over the significant influence of the past that still seems to loom o’er me. Oh, the humanity!

Tommy’s SKY HIGH, is on hiatus and will return March 5th. Yo Yo Yo! This just in! The bear and the pika now have names! Satisfy your curiosity already!

Climb off that ledge! Come in the window! Then climb right back out after some comics!

If I had my life to live over again… I would have more actual troubles and fewer imaginary ones.
- Nadine Stair (at age 85) – “I’d Pick More Daisies”