PHINKWELL in February

This past month PHINKWELL presented 13 new strips.

In Steve’s BACK AND FORTH this month, fateful introductions are made just prior to another jump. This time, ahead two months. Bryan Ronus fans out there (and I count myself a member) will be pleased to know that the early 20′s incarnation of the “great one” appears chug-a-luggin a cold one. Then, punctuated by a frothy belch, Ronus finally gets around to what’s on his mind. Regrettably, Dale gallantly refuses to discuss the comings and goings of his Johnson.

Meanwhile, HENRY by the extremely late Carl Anderson, the titular ass-faced boy continues to pester animals (this time pissing off a Parrot), juggles hen fruit, becomes a doctor of mixology (operating without a license), and doesn’t know the size of his own stones.

My adventures in “The Nixon Museum,” continue in MY OWN PETARD. After finally escaping the confines of the building, I still feel hounded by the past. This time in the incarnation of Dortmund’s beloved, Herbie. After spotting a trio of hipsters, I get and idea how to break the evil ju-ju. An unfortunate misunderstanding ensues. Later I finally get a ride home.

Tommy’s SKY HIGH, is on hiatus and will return March 5th.

Tom Spurgeon at the COMICS REPORTER gave the PHINKWELL Facebook page a nice mention on a Facebook page roundup this past month. Thanks Tom!

When you have a poor image, there’s lots more room to dream.
- David Lynch, 2005