This past month PHINKWELL presented 13 new strips.

In Steve’s BACK AND FORTH, we jump a scant nine days earlier from the previously seen Ronus/Dale tete-a-tete & outdoor beer fest. Here we get to peep with our own peepers what Dale gallantly didn’t spill to the Ronus about his date with Jennifer. How foggy are those car windows gonna get? All I’m gonna say is . . . Dale is no Shel Silverstein.

Tommy’s SKY HIGH, is back. We start off with a pair of poems by Loyal the Bear. He reflects on what he likes to do best; ie. eating people.

Meanwhile, in HENRY by the ridiculously late, but productive, Carl Anderson, the titular ass-faced boy continues to prove why he’s reigning Chill King Douche, impersonates a flat-foot, he really is a douche, you know, flaccidly retreats during a battle of the sexes and plays: “Peek-A-Boo you Bastard,” with a slingshot, cuckoo clock and a whole mess of measured time.

“The Nixon Museum,” slogs along in my own MY OWN PETARD. I continue to endure the Nixon infused factoid ramblings of a sanity challenged fellow traveler. I still feel haunted by the ghost of Watergate as I disembark from the bus. Holy sweet relief from the whole “Nixon thang et moi,” comes in the form of an Intermission on a tropical isle during Miss Emmy’s storytime. If you have to go to the bathroom; now’s a good time. The kids then take the opportunity to exchange critiques about the story so far during Miss Emmy’s absence. I happen to favor Jervaise’s opinion and how he expresses it.

See you at TCAF 2013 in Toronto, Canada on May 11th and 12th. Tommy and I will be there with a bunch of PHINKWELL and KETTLEDRUMMER books.


The past does not influence me; I influence it.
-Willem de Kooning (via “Indeterminacy” by John Cage)