Animation: Japan
Based on Manga by: writer Kazumasa Hirai & artist Jiro Kuwata
Directed by: Haruyuki Kawajima
Studio: Nippon Animation
Release History: November 1963 - December 1964
Episodes: 56 plus Finale
Broadcast: TBS Television

Animation adapted for English: TCJ Animation Center/ABC Films, USA
Studio: Copri Films International, Miami, Florida:
Produced by: Gene Prinz
Directed by: Frank Schuller
Story adapted by: Reuben Guberman with Jerry Berke
New title animation: Hal Seeger Productions, New York
Animated by: Ralph Bakshi
Theme song: Winston Sharples
Release History: September 1965 - 1968 (and beyond?)
Episodes: 52
Broadcast: Syndicated
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