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Amour (face)

In case you missed it, I am fond of  puns.  I feel that they are unfairly labeled the lowest form of humor and I firmly believe that the use of a well crafted pun, in a title for instance, can add much to the piece overall.


This third strip is called Amour (face).

The Muse Blues

The second strip is entitled The Muse Blues. The piece is an homage of sorts to the short film Life Lessons, Martin Scorsese’s contribution to the anthology film New York Stories.¬† The idea being that end of that film is the jumping off point for this strip.


An interesting side note:¬† This strip was originally going to be called The Muse Cooze Blues, a title that I was extremely proud of for both for its bouncy, sing-song rhythm as well as its straight forward crassness.¬† However, cooler heads prevailed and this slightly abridged version was settled on.¬† Apparently no one’s ever heard of the word “cooze”.


The first piece is called Minimal-is-him¬†.¬† It is a strip that I worked on for a long time before I could get across what I was trying to say (whatever that is).¬† The original thumbnails went on and on, about eighteen pages or so, and by the end it was so dark and so horrible that it no longer looked like the strip I had originally intended it to be.¬† I had the throw all of that away and start fresh.¬† In some ways this piece is about stripping down one’s art to get to its essence.

Welcome to Pygmalion!

Hi!  This is my new strip Pygmalion!


The strips that will be appearing here on Phinkwell over the next few months are excerpts from my upcoming graphic novel (a work in progress).  These pieces will make up the majority of the first half of the book.  This portion is entitled Pygmalion Stories, and will be comprised of several short, wordless vignettes, each exploring variations on the titular theme.


I hope that you enjoy them!